About Wings & Flights

Wings and Flights is an institute, focused on all aspects of paragliding, paramotoring, parasailing, trike flying, paragliding winching, etc. We undertake turnkey assignments for setting up of Paragliding Centers, Conducting Paragliding Holidays, Camps and special assignments like aerial surveys, aerial photography, aerial advertising, Joy ride flying, etc. Flying demonstrations are organised in schools, colleges, organisations and tourist places.

Wings and Flights operates from Pune, looking after flying training, import and supply of flying equipment. We have our own state-of-the-art equipment. Our personnel are renowned pilots and technically sound fliers. They carry out their tasks with meticulous zeal that has won them many rewards and records.

We are a strong team of professional crew in Pune. Mr Eric H. Menezes is Chief Instructor; Instructor Mr. Mangesh is second in command with over 5000 flights to his credit. Eric is also a Licensed Instructor on the Sailplanes at the Gliding Centre, Pune. The License is issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation. He has been in the flying field for the past 30 years with a record ten thousand flights to his credit. (both gliding and paragliding).