2Bsure Twin system

The recommended installation of a 2Bsure Twin system is on the shoulder straps of the harness to ensure maximize the ability of the vests to keep a unconscious pilot’s head above water. The 2Bsure is our prefered system for PPG.

2Bsure XL

The 2Bsure XL are much larger in volume are are ideal for hang gliders, powered hangliders, powered parachutes and Powered Paraglider trikes and are $360.00 the pair with the Co2 Canisters (2 x 70 gram) and Automatic inflation and can be fitted almost anywhere on a frame or upright as required.

Each half of the 2Bsure system is the same flotation as a standard 150N life vest so the pair give you twice the flotation and the added security of two cells. The 2Bsure XL size has six times the flotation of a normal life vest in the pair for excessive flotation. These are supplied with the new multiple fit system they can be attached with the webbing supplied, Velcro or with zip ties through the loops on the back.

The 2Bsure is ideal for schools doing SIV courses over lakes, Acro pilots, coastal pilots and every day pilots that have any chance of a water landing. The biggest and best flotation system available for pilots.

U-Shaped Vest

The models on the market were simply modified U shaped life vests designed for wearing round your neck. This U shape is to narrow when fitted on a larger shape such as a paramotor frame. The problem here is they never fit correctly and then are pinched when inflated and have a low volume.

The answer was to custom make a larger U shaped vest to fit a PPG frame with a bigger lift designed exclusively for the powered paraglider & paramotor community.



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