A better guide to help you build your paramotor

You don’t need a wise hermit to tell you that you must always make your sandwich according to how much you can chew! Any sandwich usually works out, but the best ones are where the three key ingredients are well selected. Type of bread, veggies and the sauces…

Choose Your Bread – Engines

Start by selecting the engine which will give you the most optimum output of power according to what your style of flying is or will be.

Choose Your Veggies- Air Frames

Paramotor Air frames can be made with various materials, depending on availability in the market.

Air Frames for

  • Paramotor
  • Backpack (Foot Launch)
  • Trikes (Light/heavy)
Choose Your Sauces- Accessories

Sauces are the final ingredients that give that finer texture of luxury to all things!

Accessories and adornments such as a comfortable harness, good selection of propellers (wooden or carbon fiber), throttle, hook-in-system, helmets, radio set, body gear etc, when selected well, eventuate to a complete “ready-to-fly- paramotor” perfected just to suit your needs.
In other words, your sandwich is now juicy and all ready to bite into!

  • Wooden Propellers
  • Carbon Fiber Propellers
Radio Sets
  • Baofeng BF – 888 Black
  • Midland LXT630VP3
  • Midland GXT1050VP4
Intercom Helmets

Wings & Flights Intercom Helmet is made up of the most durable materials under superior quality control checks.
It is composed of:

  • Fiberglass outer shell
  • EPS Inner shell and
  • Comfortable, Velvet inner lining
Radio Helmets

Wings & Flights Carbon Fiber Helmet

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