We are a strong team of professional crew in Pune

Capt. Praphulla Raj Singh (P.R)

Likes - I like living life to the fullest, Love adventure, life is an adventure to me.

Dislikes - I dont like people who dont try to do anything in life on the pretext of getting hurt physically. I dont like Shady people, hypocrisy, liars, who put others in trouble to promote themselves.

Hobbies - Cycling, motorcycling, horse riding, microlight flying, Paramotor flying, walking, yoga, bodybuilding.

Memorable flight - Nothing can be more memorable than my water ditching at AOPC 2017 (Asia Oceania Paramotor championship) when I along with my trike fell into the shallow waters of the mighty Pasak Jolasid dam in Thailand. The moment i was in water the memory of the rescue training flashed by, I immediately followed the safety instructions and unstrapped as per the instructions and swam up to safety, maybe I was just 30 seconds short from death. This incident is the most memorable one in my sports flying tenure.

Advice - My sincere advice to all my Sport loving buddies Never hesitate to try anything new in life, U succeed fine, if your fail no problem atleast you have made the attempt, you wont regret of not trying it.

The dream - AOPC 2017 really brought the brotherhood of paramotoring in India. My dream is to see paramotoring grow, we surely have amazing talent amongst us. The competition did kick start the adrenaline flow,

Credentials in Paramotoring - Got into this sport some years ago, organised a successful paramotor festival in hyderabad 2016, Took part in the paramotor festival in Nagpur in 2017 then took part in AOPC 2017 championship in Thailand just to observe and experience the competition. Amongst the world class competitors and task events found one where I could do something as a novice " PURE NAVIGATION" found it very comfortable and took part in it with my limited understanding and preparation. Eventually the prior experience of visual navigation managed to get the runner up Silver medal for my country.

Instructor Mr. Mangesh

Mr. Mangesh is second in command with over 5000 flights to his credit, he is a PMC officer (Pune Municipal corporation). He is APPI Swiss instructor license holder. He holds the experience of 3000 hours in air in Paragliding and Powered paragliding. He holds a limca record of night flying from 7.10 pm to 1.00 am.

Ashok Bhandari

Likes - Mountaineering, Paragliding, Paramotoring.

Dislikes - Para-waiting, mosquitoes, junk food.

Memorable flight - My first paramotor trike flight at the wide beach of Ratnagiri without an instructor.