We are a strong team of professional crew in Pune

Mr. Eric H. Menezes is Chief Powered Paragliding Instructor

Eric is also a Licensed Instructor on the Sailplanes at the Gliding Centre, Pune. The License is issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation. He has been in the flying field for the past 30 years with a record ten thousand flights to his credit. (both gliding and paragliding).

Jennifer E. Menezes (Administration)

Jennifer is the admin of wings & flights office, taking care of the stores, import-export of the paramotors & Manufacturing department of paramotors.

Instructor Mr. Mangesh

Mr. Mangesh is second in command with over 5000 flights to his credit, he is a PMC officer (Pune Municipal corporation). He is APPI Swiss instructor license holder. He holds the experience of 3000 hours in air in Paragliding and Powered paragliding. He holds a limca record of night flying from 7.10 pm to 1.00 am.

Instructor Rhone .E. Menezes

Rhone .E. Menezes is a Aerobatic pilot holding 2000 hrs in air in Paragliding and Powered paragliding. He has successfully trained 500 students in Paragliding and Powered paraglidng. He has 11yrs of solo and tandem flying experience.

Instructor Rhine .E. Menezes

Rhine .E. Menezes is the India’s youngest Paragliding and Powered Paragliding pilot & instructor. He is also an Aerobatic pilot holding 1000 hrs of flying experience in paragliding & has successfully trained around 50 students in a Powered paraglider trike. He has been awarded to hit 80 Tandem flights in one day by the Assam Tourism Minister. He has 6 to 7 years of solo and tandem flying experience.


Wings and Flights operates from Pune, looking after flying training, import and supply of flying equipment.
Tupe Nagar, Opposite suzlon, Sadesatranali, Hadapsar, Pune