PPG Assistant Instructor level

Once a Tandem Pilot covers 20 hours of 80 successful tandem flights with all hours logged into their personal log book and signed by the authorizing Instructor, he / she can now be considered skillful enough for performing the tasks of an assistant PPG instructor. After successfully training 5 students for PPG flying under the supervision of a full PPG instructor, he / she can qualify to apply for a full PPG Instructor ship

PPG Instructor level

An assistant PPG instructor who has proven successful in training at least 5 students under the supervision of a full PPG instructor can now opt for full Instructorship. During this Instructorship training, he / she must efficaciously train at least 10 students for PPG flying, after which he / she can be called ripe enough for procuring a PPG Instructor’s rating.

PPG Senior Instructor level

A PPG Instructor, who has completed training at least 50 students, automatically earns a title as a Senior PPG Instructor and stands in a position to train other instructors as well.

PPG Coach

Training 100 students makes a Senior PPG Instructor into a Coach.


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