PPG 1 Pilot Course

The PPG pilot course is a 6 day beginner’s course which provides the student with their first rating in the PPG education system. The student learns how to launch and control the wing on the ground, without the engine, and also learns how to control the paramotor on the ground. The aim is for the student to perform atleast 1 solo PPG flight in 6 days and in most cases more. At this level the student is allowed to fly only under radio communication and the instructor’s supervision of and PPG instructor.

To enroll in PPG 1 basic backpack, an individual must:

  • Have a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Respect the safety rules and Quality standards.
  • Complete the PPG theoretical course consisting of 4 lectures. Attend a minimum of 3 days ground handling, consisting of the following PPG training syllabus
  • Introduction to the sport and the school.
  • Lecture 1: Theory of flight
  • Parts of the wing and harness.
  • Untangling, folding and General care
  • Ground handling of the glider (at least 3 days of forward and reverse launch) .
  • Hand towing or low hops from a slope (hand towing on a 30 feet rope or paragliding flights from a small hill). Winching can be done with a qualified winch operator & instructor.
  • Motor check list (all working parts, frames, cage, prop, harness, fuel tank etc.)
  • Safe starting procedures (both electric and pull start)
  • Wearing the motor gear and running with it(to feel the power)
  • Hang tests, adjustments and pre flight simulation.
  • Lecture 2: Basic Meteorology, Basic Air Law
  • How to deploy a Reserve
  • Forward and Reverse Launch techniques (Launching consistently without instruction)
  • Ground handling consistently without instruction.
  • Landing into wind and flare at the correct height.
  • Pre-flight checks and motor usage correctly and safely control the paramotor.
  • Power assisted practice launches (launch and ground handle while wearing the motor without it running and with motor on).
  • Lecture 4: First solo flight briefing (including hand signals in the event of radio failure).
  • First solo flight (30 mins flight in a defined area with large take off and landing areas free of obstructions)

Training and certification

PPG 2 Pilot candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements by completing the training syllabus including basic PPG 1 exam
(oral or written)