PPG-1 Trike Pilot Course

The PPG Trike pilot course is a 4 day beginner’s course which provides the student with their first rating in the PPG Trike education system. The student learns how to launch and control the wing on the ground, without the engine, and also learns how to control the paramotor on the ground. The aim is to develop a thorough feel for the glider and power control at various stages of the flight. The student will also understand the basic theory of flight, instruments and the weather With the Instructor on board the student gets to learn the various flying patterns, Air safety and coordinated take offs and landings. In this course the student is allowed to fly only under the Instructions of the Instructor.

To enroll in PPG-1 Trike pilot course, an individual must:

  • Have a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Respect the safety rules and Quality standards.
  • Complete the PPG Trike theoretical course consisting of 3 lectures. Attend a minimum of 2 days ground handling, The course will consist the following PPG training syllabus.
  • Introduction to the sport and the school.
  • Lecture 1: Theory of flight
  • Parts of the wing and harness
  • Untangling, folding and General care
  • Ground handling of the glider
  • Motor check list (all working parts, frames, cage, prop, harness, fuel tank etc.)
  • Safe starting procedures ( both electric and pull start)
  • Getting into the student seat of the trike and doing power runs on the ground without the wing (to feel the power and develop trike directional judgment)
  • Hang tests, adjustments and pre flight simulation
  • Lecture 2: Basic Meteorology, Basic Air Law
  • Theory behind Reserve deployment and its importance.
  • Various parts of the engine and their functions
  • Ground runs with the glider over head
  • Take off, circuit and landing with instructor on board
  • Low runs while keeping the glider in a straight line
  • Landing into wind and flaring at the correct height
  • Repeated Practice flights with Instructor on board.
  • Post-flight checks and debriefing after flight

Training and certification

PPG 1 trike Pilot candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements by completing the training syllabus including basic PPG 1 exam
(oral or written)