PPG 3 Advance Pilot course

PPG 3 Advanced Pilots are pilots who want to enter competitions or have better paramotor skills, combining performance in flight, distance, speed and safety. The PPG 3 Advance Pilots can progress on to the PPG Professional level.

Pre-requisites/Course contents/Obligation

To enroll in a PPG 3 Advanced Pilot course, an individual must :

  • Be certified as an PPG Performance Pilot
  • Flown for a minimum of two years and have a minimum of 100 hours of solo flying or 50 hours under the supervision of a PPG Instructor.
  • Have a minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Respect safety rules and quality standards.
  • Attend PPG 3 Advance Pilot theoretical course and appear for the exam.
  • Attend minimum 6 day course with a certified instructor consisting of the following PPG 3 Advanced Pilot training syllabus.
  • Competition rules and regulations
  • Advanced Flight Planning and Navigation
  • Advanced Meteorology
  • How to Thermal
  • Competition flying, equipment and Pilot limitations
  • Advance level examination
  • Demonstrate the ability to fly in thermals without the paramotor running
  • Advanced flight Planning and navigation
  • Advanced Meteorology
  • How to thermal
  • Competition flying equipment and pilot limitations
  • Advanced level exams
  • In flight

  • Demonstrate the ability to fly in thermals without paramotor running
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and navigate a 25 km cross country flight
  • Demonstrate the ability to safety perform wingovers and 360’s after instruction
  • Demonstrate the ability to safety fly as slow and as fast as possible after instructions.
  • General course requirements

  • Pilot uses good judgement and has a level of maturity appropriate with the rating.
  • Pilot is familiar with the canopy and paramotor manuals and can maintain their engine
  • Pilot completes all theory training and passes the PPG advanced pilot exam.
  • Pilot logs atleast 10 solo flights under the supervision of an PPG instructor.

Training and certification

To maintain this qualification a minimum of 20 hrs or 40 hours per year are required.