PPG 1 Backpack – Beginner level

The PPG 1 Backpack pilot course is a 5-6 days beginner’s course which provides the student with their first rating in the PPG education system. This includes 2 hours of training per day (practical & theory). The student learns how to launch and control the wing on the ground, with and without the engine, and also learns how to control the paramotor on the ground. The aim is, for the student to perform at least 1 solo PPG flight during the course and in most cases even more. At this level the student is allowed to fly only under radio instructions and supervision of a qualified / experienced PPG instructor. The first solo flight of 1 hour duration will mark the completion of the course. From here on the student will be certified as a PPG – Level1 Backpack Pilot.

To enroll in PPG 1 basic backpack, an individual must:
  • Have a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Meet reasonable fitness standards.
  • Respect the safety rules and Quality standards.
  •  Be prepared to complete the PPG practical and theoretical course consisting of lectures and minimum 3 days of ground handling (kiting / power runs with engine mounted on back).

A Brief Overview Of Our Syllabus

    • Introduction to the sport and the school
    • Understanding paramotors
    • Understanding various equipments
    • Understanding inherent risks involved
    • Basic understanding on mechanics of flight and aerodynamics
    • Daily inspections and maintenance schedules
    • Familiarization with various protective gears and safety equipments
    • Assessment of air field, weather and site environment
    • Preparation of equipment for flight
    • Understanding performance limitations
    • Fuel grade and oil mixture for the engine
    • General safety precautions
    • Emergency procedures (water landing, tree landing)
    • Suitability of chosen canopy (weight range, flying characteristics)
    • Basic maintenance and repair of paramotor
    • How to select a good paramotor
    • Pre flights checks
    • Introduction to canopy (different parts & function)
    • Introduction to paramotor (its parts & function)
    • Ground handling with motor (power runs)
    • Ground handling with wing (kiting – alpine launch, reverse launch)
    • Ground handling with combination of motor & wing
    • Flair timing
    • Take-off and high flying (orientation)
    • Maintaining flight circuit pattern
    • Low runs
    • Emergency power off landings / dead stick landings
    • Proper care, folding and packing methods for the canopy
    • Understanding the power unit – different components and their interrelationship.
    • Daily inspection of power unit
    • CG and respective adjustments
    • Spare parts


From here on the student will be certified as a PPG Level 1 Backpack Pilot.

For entering PPG 2 – Intermediate level training, the student must show at least 10 hours of 20 solo flights as pilot in command (PIC). It should be logged into the personal Pilot’s log book, certified by an authorized instructor.


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