PPG 2 Backpack – Intermediate Level

An intermediate pilot is someone who has become an independent pilot, capable of flying solo and can analyze different weather conditions. The course duration will be for 3 days with a total of 6 hours of training under supervision by a qualified instructor. In this training, the student will be taught some of the more advanced maneuvers which will help to enhance overall skills and give confidence to be able to handle situations that demand quick decisions. After training, the student should complete at least 20 hours of 40 solo flights before enrolling for Tandem training.

To enroll in an PPG 2 Pilot course, an individual must:
  • Be certified as a PPG 1 Backpack Pilot from our organization or have a similar certification from another recognized training organization
  • Have at least 10 hours of 20 solo flights as Pilot in Command (PIC), logged in personal pilot’s log book signed by and authorized instructor.
  • Be able to demonstrate, when asked, the necessary tasks that had been taught during PPG 1 training.
  • Meet reasonable fitness standards.
  • Respect the safety rules and Quality standards.
  • Be prepared to complete the PPG practical and theoretical course consisting of 3 days of theory classes, practical flying and ground handling.

A Brief Overview Of Our Syllabus

    • General recap and overview of the basic training.
    • Understanding basic wing profile and reflex wing profile
    • Understanding NACA Geometric profile 2412
    • Basic understanding of Propeller.
    • Understanding basic meteorology and cloud formations
    • Understanding load factors.
    • Theoretical understanding on touch n go’s exercise
    • Theoretical understanding on maneuvers like “dolphin dives”, “Big ears”, “wing-overs” and “Spirals”
    • Understanding applications of trimmer settings according to type of flying
    • Understanding applications of different hang point positions according to type of flying
    • Understanding Paramotor & Paraglider inspection schedules.
    • Hang test for CG positioning.
    • Various forces acting on paramotor & wing during hard maneuvers
    • Basic Air laws and emergency procedures
    • Basic re-cap on forward / alpine & reverse launch techniques
    • Ground skimming & maintaining
    • Basic re-cap on dead stick landing techniques
    • Targeting at least 10 touch and go’s In a single flight
    • Unassisted spot landing with engine on & engine off.
    • Low level directional control with or without obstacles.
    • Mild wing-overs.
    • Sharp turns.
    • Quick descent techniques
      – Big ears
      – Dolphin dive
      -Shallow spirals.
    • Crabbing.
    • Mild cross wind landing.
    • Understanding the functions of the power unit (engine).


From here on the student will be recognized as an advance pilot and will be certified as PPG Level 2 Backpack Pilot.

For entering PPG – Tandem level training, the student must show at least 20 hours of 40 solo flights as pilot in command (PIC). It should be logged into the personal Pilot’s log book, certified by an authorized instructor.


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