If you have an engine and you want to get a propeller made we could help you to design and produce the most optimum propeller for your engine. We use best quality imported wood which is seasoned and has all the necessary quality for producing high grade propellers.

We take care to see that the performance of our propeller is optimum. We also take care to see that they are well balanced aerodynamically and mass balanced too. We have almost 18 different types of 2 blade wooden propeller for various engines used for various applications, pusher and tractor, Straight and scimitar shape, from 60 cms to 160 cms, We produce propellers for the following paramotor engines.


  • Black devil 175cc
  • Black bull 230
  • Black magic 120
  • Simonini EVO 230
  • Simonini mini 3 270
  • Simonini mini 4
  • Simonini mini 2
  • Simonini mini 2 plus
  • Simonini Victor super
  • Snap 100