Introducing the All new Dracon 410

  • This powerful machine Dracon 410 is the latest introduction of 2017 powered by Simonini Victor 1 super engine.
  • The carrying capacity of Pilot and passenger is 200 kgs with a 160 cm wooden propeller delivering a raw thrust of 110 kgs.
  • This machine can be comfortably used for giving commercial joyrides apart from long distance cross country flying.
  • The machine is geared with super quality suspension system that gives you a smooth landing.
  • The wheel base is wide and the CG is kept low due to which the possibility of trike toppling in cross wind conditions is far reduced.
  • Dracon 410 is equipped with water cooled engine and has a wide radiator which keeps the engine cool thus increasing the life of the engine tremendously.
  • Dracon 410 is also used for imparting training where the Instructor and the student have easy access to the controls. The seating arrangement is spaciously and ergonomically designed for comfortable long duration flights.
  • The air frame is made up of Stainless steel.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 24 liters with an inbuilt fuel filter and fuel meter.
  • It has a powerful electric starter unit powered by 12V self charging battery.


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